The objective of the CMA Entrance Examination is to evaluate whether candidates have mastered technical skills with respect to the following six functional competencies:

• Strategic management
• Risk management and governance
• Performance management
• Performance measurement
• Financial management
• Financial reporting

The CMA Entrance Examination is held locally twice each year, in mid-June and mid-October.
The exam is four hours in duration and is comprised of approximately 120 multiple-choice questions. The pass mark for the exam is 60 per cent.
Candidates must pass the Entrance Examination to proceed onto a CMA professional program such as the CMA Strategic Leadership Program.

To review the Exam Syllabus, please click here.
CMA offers a number of resources to assist candidates in preparing for the Entrance Examination, including access to past exams for study.

Tips On Preparing for the Entrance Exam

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For more information on how to register for the CMA Entrance Exam and for registration deadlines, please click here.

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